Appendix A: Abbreviations

  1. Abbreviations


    BER Building carbon dioxide emission rate
    BMS Building management system
    BS British Standard
    CHP Combined heat and power
    CHPQA Combined Heat and Power Quality Assurance CO2 Carbon dioxide
    COP Coefficient of performance
    DCLG Department for Communities and Local Government
    DECC Department of Energy and Climate Change
    DHW Domestic hot water EEI Energy Efficiency Index
    EER Energy efficiency ratio
    EN European Norm (standard)
    ESEER European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
    HEPA High-efficiency particulate absorption
    HVAC Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
    LENI Lighting Energy Numeric Indicator
    LPG Liquified petroleum gas
    MF Maintenance factor
    NCM National Calculation Methodology
    PSEER Plant seasonal energy efficiency ratio QI Quality index
    RHI Renewable Heat Incentive
    SAP Standard Assessment Procedure
    SBEM Simplified Building Energy Model SCOP Seasonal coefficient of performance
    SEER Seasonal energy efficiency ratio
    SFP Specific fan power
    SI Statutory Instrument
    SPEER Seasonal primary energy efficiency ratio
    SPF Seasonal performance factor
    TER Target carbon dioxide emission rate
    TRV Thermostatic radiator valve
    VAV Variable air volume