Appendix A: Key terms

  1. Appendix A

    Appendix A

    Building control body

    A local authority or private sector approved inspector

    Building Regulations compliance certificate
    A certificate issued by an installer registered with an authorised competent person self-certification scheme, or by a certifier registered with an authorised third-party certification scheme stating that the work described in the certificate complies with regulations 4 and 7 of the Building Regulations 2010 (that is, the work complies with all applicable requirements in the Building Regulations)

    Electrical installation*
    Fixed electric cables or fixed electrical equipment located on the consumer’s side of the electricity supply meter

    Extra-low voltage*
    A voltage not exceeding 50V ac or 120V ripple-free dc, whether between conductors or to earth

    Low voltage*
    A voltage exceeding extra-low voltage but not exceeding 1000V ac or 1500V dc between conductors, or 600V ac or 900V dc between conductors and earth

    Registered competent person
    A competent person registered with a Part P competent person self-certification scheme

    Registered third-party certifier
    A competent person registered with a Part P competent person third-party certification scheme

    NOTE: *Terms defined in regulation 2 of the Building Regulations 2010