Section B5 Access and facilities for the Fire and Rescue Service

  1. The Requirement
    1. Guidance
      1. Performance
        1. Introduction
        2. B5 Section 11
          1. Introduction
            1. Design of access routes and hard-standings

            The Requirement

            This Approved Document deals with the following Requirement from Part B of Schedule 1 to the Building Regualtions 2010 (as amended).




            B5 Section 11

            Vehicle access


            11.1 For the purposes of this Approved Document, vehicle access to the exterior of a building is needed to enable high reach appliances, such as turntable ladders and hydraulic platforms, to be used and to enable pumping appliances to supply water and equipment for firefighting, search and rescue activities.
            Vehicle access routes and hard-standings should meet the criteria described in paragraph 11.4 where they are to be used by fire and rescue service vehicles.

            Notes: Requirements cannot be made under the Building Regulations for work to be done outside the site of the works shown on the deposited plans, building notice or initial notice. In this connection it may not always be reasonable to upgrade an existing route across a site to a small building such as a single dwellinghouse. The options in such a case, from doing no work to upgrading certain features of the route, e.g. a sharp bend, should be considered by the Building Control Body in consultation with the fire and rescue service.

            11.2 There should be vehicle access for a pump appliance to within 45m of all points within the dwellinghouse.

            11.3 Every elevation to which vehicle access is provided in accordance with paragraph 11.2 should have a suitable door(s), not less than 750mm wide, giving access to the interior of the building.

            Design of access routes and hard-standings

            11.4 A vehicle access route may be a road or other route which, including any inspection covers and the like, meets the standards in Table 8 and paragraph 11.5.

            11.5 Turning facilities should be provided in any dead end access route that is more than 20m long (see Diagram 24). This can be by a hammerhead or turning circle, designed on the basis of Table 8.

            Table A8 - Typical performance ratings of some generic materials and products

            Table A8 – Typical performance ratings of some generic materials and products

            Diagram 24 - Turning facilities

            Diagram 24 – Turning facilities