Introduction to amendments 2004*

  1. Key amendments

    Key amendments

    The current edition of Part E in Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations 2000 (as amended) came into force on 1 July 2003. At the same time a new Regulation 20A was introduced into the Building Regulations 2000, and a new Regulation 12A was introduced into the Building (Approved Inspectors, etc.) Regulations 2000. Regulations 20A and 12A introduced pre-completion testing for sound insulation as a means of demonstrating compliance. Pre-completion testing has applied to rooms for residential purposes, houses and flats formed by conversion of other buildings since 1 July 2003, and it will apply to new houses and flats from 1 July 2004. Also, from 1 July 2004, use of robust details in new houses and flats will be accepted as an alternative to testing.

    Robust details are high performance separating wall and floor constructions (with associated construction details) that are expected to be sufficiently reliable not to need the check provided by pre-completion testing.

    The introduction of robust details has necessitated the amendment of Regulations 20A and 12A. The amendments have been made by the Building (Amendment) Regulations 2004 and the Building (Approved Inspectors, etc.) (Amendment) Regulations 2004. Regulations 20A and 12A are reproduced in Approved Document E, 2003 Edition; and so amendments to that Approved Document are needed to pick up the changes.

    Section 0 of Approved Document E, 2003 edition, has also been amended to explain the use of robust details.

    The 2003 edition of Part E introduced a new class of dwelling known as a room for residential purposes, which covers hostel types of accommodation and hotel rooms. The expression ‘room for residential purposes’ is defined in Regulation 2 of the Building Regulations 2000 and the definition is reproduced in Approved Document E, 2003 Edition. However, the definition has been interpreted in different ways by building control bodies, particularly in respect of student halls of residence, and it has, therefore, been clarified, by means of the Building (Amendment) Regulations 2004.

    A number of errors have been found in Approved Document E, 2003 Edition, and also some guidance that is unclear.

    This Amendment document sets out the text of the amended regulations 20A and 12A, the clarified definition of room for residential purposes, and also amendments, corrections and clarifications to the text of Approved Document E, 2003 Edition. This document is approved by the Secretary of State from 1 July 2004.

    Buildings Division Office of the Deputy Prime Minister June 2004