M4 (1): Category 1 – Visitable dwellings


  1. Category 1 – Visitable dwelling Access and use

    Category 1 – Visitable dwelling Access and use

    This section of the approved document deals with the following requirement from Part M of Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations 2010.

    Category 1 – Visitable dwelling Access and use
    M4(1). Reasonable provision should be made for people to—
    a) gain access to; and
    b) use, the dwelling and its facilities

    Limits on application
    Requirement M4(1) does not apply to:
    a) an extension to a dwelling; or
    b) any part of a building that is used solely to enable the building or any service or fitting in the building to be inspected, repaired or maintained.


    In the Secretary of State’s view, requirement M4(1) will be met when a new dwelling makes reasonable provision for most people, including wheelchair users, to approach and enter the dwelling and to access habitable rooms and sanitary facilities on the entrance storey. Reasonable provision is made if the dwelling complies with all of the following.

    a) Within the curtilage of the dwelling or the building containing the dwelling, it is possible to approach and gain access to the dwelling.

    b) It is possible to gain access to the dwelling, or the building containing the dwelling, from the most likely point of alighting from a car.

    c) A disabled person who is able to walk is able to visit any dwelling in a building containing one or more dwellings.

    d) Visitors can access and use the habitable rooms and a WC within the entrance storey of the dwelling (or the principal storey where the entrance storey does not contain a habitable room).

    e) Where the habitable rooms and the WC are located on the entrance storey, access between them is step free.

    f) Wall-mounted switches and socket outlets in habitable rooms are reasonably accessible to people who have reduced reach.