1. Main changes made by the 2013 amendments
    1. Main changes made by the 2010 amendments
      1. Main changes in the 2006 edition
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                    1. Appendix B

                    Main changes made by the 2013 amendments

                    The general guidance on materials and workmanship and the Construction Products Directive has been edited and a reference to Approved Document 7 put in its place. The standard for smoke alarms has been updated to BS EN 14604 Smoke alarm devices.

                    Main changes made by the 2010 amendments

                    The amendment in March 2010 updated a number of references to European Standards. In particular, the guidance in Appendix B (Fire doors) was updated.
                    The amendment in October 2010 reflected the changes made as a result of the Building Regulations 2010, Building Approved Inspector etc. Regulations 2010. The changes mainly reflected regulation number changes as a result of re-ordering.

                    Main changes in the 2006 edition

                    This edition of Approved Document B, Fire safety, replaces the 2000 edition. The main changes are:


                    a. Approved Document B: The Approved Document has been split into two volumes. Volume 1 deals with dwellinghouses, Volume 2 deals with buildings other than dwellinghouses.
                    Wherever possible the guidance in Volume 1 has been tailored and simplified to be more directly relevant to dwellinghouses.


                    b. Certification Schemes: Suitable schemes may be accepted by Building Control Bodies as evidence of compliance.
                    c. Residential Sprinklers: The use of sprinkler systems in accordance with BS 9251:2005 is recognised.
                    d. Adult Placements: Reference is made to the code of practice for fire safety in adult placements.


                    e. Fire Alarms: The guidance on smoke alarms has been amended such that alarms should be installed in accordance with BS 5839-6:2004.
                    Simple guidance has been retained, in the form of a commentary on this standard, so that most users of the Approved Document will not necessarily need to obtain a copy of the standard.

                    All smoke alarms should have a standby power supply.
                    Where a dwellinghouse is extended smoke alarms should be provided in the circulation spaces.
                    f.  Means of escape: The guidance on means of escape has been restructured to make it easier to use.

                    i. Additional guidance has been provided in relation to work on existing houses.
                    ii. Locks and child resistant safety stays may be provided on escape windows.
                    iii. The alternative approach for loft conversions to two storey houses has been removed.
                    iv. New guidance has been provided on the provision of galleries and inner inner rooms.
                    v. An option of providing sprinkler protection instead of alternative escape routes has been included for dwellinghouses with a floor more than 7.5m above ground level.
                    vi. Guidance on the application of B1 to replacement windows has been included.
                    vii. Guidance on the use of air circulation systems in houses with protected stairways is given.


                    1. Integral Garages: The provision of a sloping floor has been included as an alternative to the 100mm step between dwellinghouses and integral
                    2. Compartmentation: Guidance on the junction between compartment walls and roofs has been clarified and
                    3. Cavity Barriers: Window and door frames are only suitable for use as cavity barriers if they are constructed of steel or timber of an appropriate


                    j. Roof Coverings: The guidance on roof coverings incorporates the new European system of classification set out in BS EN 13501-5:2005


                    k. Vehicle Access: There should be access for a pump appliance to within 45m of all points within a dwellinghouse

                    Appendix B

                    1. Self-Closing Devices: Other than doors between a dwellinghouse and an integral garage, fire doors need not be provided with self closing