Requirement K1: Stairs, ladders and ramps

  1. Requirement


    Stairs, ladders and ramps

    K1. Stairs, ladders and ramps shall be so designed, constructed and installed as to be safe for people moving between different levels in or about the building.

    Limits on application

    Requirement K1 applies only to stairs, ladders and ramps which form part of the building.

    In the Secretary of State’s view, you can meet requirement K1 by ensuring that the steepness, rise and going, handrails, headroom, length and width of any stairs, ladders and ramps between levels are appropriate to afford reasonable safety to people gaining access to and moving about buildings.

    The standard of provision needed to give an acceptable level of safety for access and use depends on the circumstances.

    a. The standard of provision may need to be higher in a public building than in a dwelling, because people may not be familiar with the building and there may be more users.

    b. A lower standard of provision may be acceptable where access is required only for maintenance, because greater care can be expected from the people requiring to gain access.