Requirement K3: Vehicle barriers and loading bays

  1. Requirements



    Vehicle barriers and loading bays

    K3.(1) Vehicle ramps and any levels in a building to which vehicles have access, shall be provided with barriers where it is necessary to protect people in or about the building.

    (2) Vehicle loading bays shall be constructed in such a way, or be provided with such features, as may be necessary to protect people in them from collision with vehicles.

    Limits on application


    In the Secretary of State’s view, you can meet requirement K3 if, in order to reduce the risk to the safety of people from collision with vehicles in and about buildings, you:

    a. provide vehicle barriers that are capable of resisting or deflecting the impact of vehicles

    b. provide loading bays that have an adequate number of exits or refuges which enable people to avoid being struck or crushed by vehicles.

    The standard of provision for guarding needed to give an acceptable level of safety depends on the circumstances. For example, in a public building the standard of provision may need to be higher than in a dwelling, because people may be less familiar with the building and there may be more users.

    For areas where access is required only for maintenance, greater care can be expected from people and therefore a lower standard of provision may be acceptable.