Requirement K5.1: Protection from collision with open windows etc.

  1. Requirements


    This approved document deals with the following requirement from Part K of Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations 2010.



    Protection from collision with open windows etc.

    K5.1—Provision shall be made to prevent people moving in or about the building from colliding with open windows, skylights or ventilators.

    Limits on application

    Requirement K5.1 does not apply to dwellings.


    In the Secretary of State’s view, you can meet requirement K5.1 if windows, skylights and ventilators can be left open without danger of people colliding with them. You can achieve this by one of the following methods.

    a. Install windows, skylights and ventilators so that projecting parts cannot come into contact with people moving in and around the building.

    b. Install features which guide people moving in or around the building away from any open window, skylight or ventilator.

    In special cases, such as in spaces where access is required only for maintenance, greater care can be expected from people and therefore a lower standard of provision may be acceptable.