Section 10: Comfort cooling

  1. 10.1 Scope of guidance
    1. 10.2 Air-cooled and water-cooled air conditioners

      10.1 Scope of guidance

      This section provides guidance on the specification of fixed mechanical comfort cooling systems and fans in dwellings to meet relevant energy efficiency requirements in the Building Regulations. (Dwellings should always be designed to avoid or minimise the need for cooling through the appropriate use of solar control, secure ventilation and thermal mass.)

      10.2 Air-cooled and water-cooled air conditioners

      Cooling systems in new and existing dwellings should: a. meet the minimum standards for efficiency in Table 38 b. be controlled to prevent simultaneous heating and cooling of the same space within the dwelling c. comply with European Commission Regulation No 327/2011 for fans driven by motors with an electric input power between 125 W and 500 kW, and Regulation No 206/2012 for systems with a cooling capacity of up to 12 kW, both implementing Directive 2009/125/EC with regard to ecodesign requirements for energy-related products.