Section 11: Solar water heating

  1. 11.1 Scope of guidance
    1. 11.2 Indirect systems

    11.1 Scope of guidance

    This section provides guidance on the specification of solar water heating for dwellings to meet relevant energy efficiency requirements in the Building Regulations. The guidance in this section covers indirect solar systems with a collector area of less than 20 m2 and solar heated water storage of less than 440 litres. It does not cover ‘direct’ solar systems15 or systems intended to contribute exclusively to space heating or systems providing heat exclusively to heat swimming pools. It should be used in conjunction with the guidance on water heating contained in the fuel-based sections of this guide.    

    11.2 Indirect systems

    Indirect solar heating systems installed as new systems and replacement systems should meet the minimum standards for: a. collector certification, identification and testing, collector primary loop transfer fluid, circulation pump power, heat-exchanger sizing, system control, solar pre-heated water storage and system preparation in Table 39 b. system labelling and commissioning in Table 40 c. insulating pipes in a solar primary system in Table 41. ****Supplementary  information**** ****Table 39   Recommended minimum standards for indirect solar water  heating**** ****Table 40 Recommended minimum standards for labelling, commissioning and documentation for solar hot water  systems**** ****Table 41 Recommended minimum standards for insulation of pipework in solar hot water systems**** ****Further Information****