Section 12: Lighting

  1. 12.1 Scope of guidance
    1. 12.2 Key terms
      1. 12.3 Internal and external lighting

        12.1 Scope of guidance

        This section provides guidance on the specification of fixed internal and external lighting for new and existing dwellings to meet relevant energy efficiency requirements in the Building Regulations.  

        12.2 Key terms

        Circuit-watt means the power consumed in lighting circuits by lamps and, where applicable, their associated control gear (including transformers and drivers) and power factor correction equipment. Light fitting means a fixed light or lighting unit that can comprise one or more lamps and lampholders, control gear and an appropriate housing. The control gear may be integrated in the lamp or located elsewhere in or near to the fixed light. Fixed external lighting means lighting fixed to an external surface of the dwelling supplied from the occupier’s electrical system. It excludes lighting in common areas of blocks of flats and in other communal accessways.  

        12.3 Internal and external lighting

        Fixed internal and external lighting should meet the minimum standards for efficacy and controls in Table 42. ****Table 42   Recommended minimum standards for fixed internal and external   lighting**** ****Supplementary  information****