Section 2: Windows

  1. Section 2 Windows

    Section 2 Windows

    General 2.1 Ground floor, basement and other easily accessible windows (including easily accessible rooflights) should be secure windows in accordance with paragraphs 2 and 2.3. Design of secure windows 2.2 Windows should be made to a design that has been shown by test to meet the security requirements of British Standards publication PAS 24:2012. NOTE: Windows satisfying other standards that provide similar or better performance are also acceptable. These standards include:

    • STS 204 Issue 3:2012
    • LPS 1175 Issue 7:2010 security rating 1
    • LPS 2081 Issue 1:2015 security rating
    Further advice is available in Secured by Design’s New Homes 2014. Installation and fixing of secure windows 2.3 Frames should be mechanically fixed to the structure of the building in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation