Section 4 System completion and handover

  1. Section 4

    Section 4

    This section outlines the recommended minimum information to be handed over to the end user immediately after the ventilation system has been installed, tested and commissioned, as appropriate to the system type.

    4.1 Documentation to be handed over to the end user

    Operation and maintenance manual

    The operation and maintenance manual should contain specific instructions for the end user on how and when to use the ventilation system, including information on the intended use of available fan settings. Information should also be provided to suggest when the system components should be cleaned and maintained.

    The following information should be provided where relevant:

    • design statement that sets out the key characteristics of the system provided along with specific, non-technical information on how and when the system should be used
    • manufacturer’s contact details
    • use of air inlets for background ventilation
    • location of and setting automatic controls (e.g. humidity and timer controls)
    • location and use of on/off and boost settings for mechanical ventilation system
    • adjustable extract air terminals on vertical PSV ducts
    • instructions on how cleaning and maintenance should be carried out, including replacing filters
    • location of filters if not installed within the fan unit
    • if there are no filters on extract terminals, how ducts can be accessed for cleaning, and recommendations on how and when cleaning should be undertaken
    • recalibration or checking of sensors and their location.

    The operation and maintenance manual should also contain relevant manufacturers’ literature which was supplied with the system or with individual components of the system. This might include component specifications, installation guidance, operating instructions, maintenance schedules, guarantees, registration card, spare part lists, means of obtaining spare parts, etc.

    Completion of inspection checklist and air flow measurement test sheet

    The three-part sheet detailed in Section 5 should be signed and completed and included in the Operation and Maintenance manual.