Section 5 Inspection checklist and air flow measurement test sheet

  1. Section 5

    Section 5

    This inspection checklist and air flow measurement test sheet is divided into three parts:

    Part 1 is for recording the particulars of the system, the installation address and the installer’s details.

    Part 2a functions as an installation checklist.

    • Part 2b is for recording the results of a visual inspection of the installation, and also acts as a pre-test checklist.

    Part 3 is the approved manner for recording the results of mandatory air flow tests on both intermittent and continuous mechanical ventilation systems in new dwellings, and is the sheet that must be given to the building control body (BCB).

    The three parts should be completed in full, and a copy should form part of the Operation and Maintenance manual.

    5.1 Checking design against measured air flow rates

    For Systems 1, 3 and 4, the measured air flow rates should be recorded on Part 3: Air flow measurement test details, as part of the testing and commissioning procedures given in Tables 2, 6 and 8. The measured values will need to be compared with their respective design values. Compliance with the design will be met if the measured air flow rates for each are equal to, or greater than the design value. If any measured value is less than the design value, adjustment should be made to correct the system and all air flows re- measured until they meet the design values. If it is not possible to make adjustment to increase the air flow rate then a note to this effect should be made on the sheet. This may require the person with overall responsibility for the system to carry out remedial works to rectify the cause of the under-performance. The system will need to be re-tested to confirm that the design values have been met.

    5.2 Instrument calibration

    Measurement of air flows should be performed using equipment that has been calibrated at a UKAS accredited calibration centre. Calibration should be performed annually for each air flow measurement device used to record final air flow rates in Part 3.

    5.3 Demonstrating compliance

    All three parts of the checklist and test sheet should be completed, with the relevant Parts 2 and 3 signed by a person who is responsible for the inspection and testing of the system that has been installed.

    The three-part form needs to be completed for each installation address, and as a minimum a copy of Part 3 should be submitted to the BCB as evidence the installation has been correctly tested and commissioned (as relevant to the system installed).

    ****Part 1 – System details and declarations****

    ****Part 2a – Installation details****

    ****Part 2b – Inspection of installation****
    This section should be completed before completing Part 3.

    ****Part 3 – Air flow measurement test and commissioning details****