Section 7: Direct electric space heating

  1. Section 7

    Section 7

    7.1 Introduction This section gives guidance on specifying direct electric heaters for space heating in new and existing buildings. It addresses the relevant electric heater types and the minimum provision of controls. 7.2 Scope of guidance The guidance given in this section covers the following types of electric heating systems, which may be used to provide primary or secondary space heating: • electric boilers • electric warm air systems • electric panel heaters • electric storage systems, including integrated storage/direct systems • electric fan heaters and fan convector heaters • electric radiant heaters, including quartz and ceramic types. The guidance does not cover electric heat pumps or portable electric heating devices. 7.3 Electric space heating in new and existing buildings It is assumed that electric heating devices convert electricity to heat within a building with an efficiency of 100%. A minimum heat generator seasonal efficiency is therefore not specified. Electric space heating systems in new and existing buildings should meet the minimum standards for: a. controls for electric boilers in Table 23 b. controls for electric heating systems other than boilers in Table 24. ****Table 23   Recommended minimum controls for electric boiler   systems**** Note: An acceptable alternative to the above controls is any boiler management control system that meets the specified zoning, timing and temperature requirements. ****Table 24 Recommended minimum controls for primary and secondary electric heating systems other  than  electric boilers****