Section 7: Providing information

7.1 On completion of the work, in accordance with Regulation 40, the owner of the building should be provided with sufficient information about the building, the fixed building services and their operating and maintenance requirements so that the building can be operated in such a manner as to use no more fuel and power than is reasonable in the circumstances. This requirement applies only to the work that has actually been carried out – e.g. if the work involves replacing windows, there is no obligation on the contractor to provide details on the operation of the heating system.

  1. Building log book

    Building log book

    7.2 A way of showing compliance with the requirement would be to produce the necessary information following the guidance in CIBSE TM 31 Building log book toolkit[16], or to add it to an existing log book. If an alternative guidance document is followed in preparing the log book, then the information conveyed and the format of presentation should be equivalent to TM 31.

    7.3 The information should be presented in templates as or similar to those in TM 31. The information should be provided in summary form, suitable for day-to-day use. It could draw on or refer to information available as part of other documentation, such as the Operation and Maintenance Manuals and the Health and Safety file required by the CDM Regulations.

    Further advice is provided in BSRIA BG 26/2011 Building Manuals and Building User Guides[17].

    7.4 The new or updated log book should provide details of:

    a. any newly provided, renovated or upgraded thermal elements or controlled fittings;

    b. any newly provided fixed building services, their method of operation and maintenance;

    c. any newly installed energy meters; and

    d. any other details that collectively enable the energy consumption of the building and building services constituting the works to be monitored and controlled.

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    [17] Building Manuals and User Guides, BG 26/2011, BSRIA, 2011.