Part A


  1. Main Changes
  2. Use of guidance
  3. Section 0 Guidance
  4. Section 1 Codes, standards and references for all building types
  5. Section 2 Sizes of structural elements for certain residential buildings and other small buildings of traditional construction
  6. Section 2A: Basic requirements for stability
  7. Section 2B Sizes of certain timber members in floors and roofs for dwellings. Areas at risk from house longhorn beetle
  8. Section 2C Thickness of walls in certain small buildings
  9. Section 2D Proportions for masonry chimneys above the roof surface
  10. Section 2E Foundations of plain concrete
  11. Section 3 Wall cladding
  12. Section 4 Roof covering
  13. Section 5: Reducing the sensitivity of the A3 building to disproportionate collapse in the event of an accident
  14. Standards referred to